DHC's 4th Annual Halloween Contest 2012

Contest is complete! Results are posted on the main page.

Welcome to our most popular contest. That being said, if you enter, you have a fair shot of winning something! We are giving away at least $2000 worth of cables this time. We have more cables to give away this year than ever before and will continue to add new prizes through the rest of the month. The prizes are more exclusive, more rare, more elaborate, and more unprecedented than ever before. We have been plotting this contest for the entire past year and you will not be disappointed!

One entry per household. Pick a number between 1 and 10,000. Then email us your guess plus your name and full address to doublehelixcables@gmail.com. Incomplete entries are ineligible. IP addresses will be logged and checked to prevent duplicate entries.
You can also enter by emailing us via our contact form on our site!

Winner will be drawn randomly on 11/1/12. Winner will have first pick of all the prizes. Runner ups will pick their prizes in the respective order. International or domestic shipping is included as part of the prize. Cables have a full DHC warranty.

Grand Prize for first place:

This prize is completely insane and I have no idea what it's worth. It isn't for sale yet and it may not be for a while. It is a cable featuring a design that is very new and in development currently. We are looking into patenting it and it is an interconnect design which essentially features a central core which isolates, immobilizes, separates, dampens, and guides the two signal wires into a perfect spiral in which they cross at ideal angles with each turn of the helix. It is not bullshit by any means, just looking at the central core would make its purpose very obvious to anyone who sees it - our only regret is that we didn't come up with it sooner, as this design is the "holy grail" we have been after since day 1 of opening our doors. The only downside is that the unprecedented time it requires to assemble it, with help from only a few manual tools, is insane, as is the materials requirement; there is also no way for machines or production lines to build it. However, it is completely reproducible, and if built according to our specs and methods, comes out precisely each time.

Prize is a 1m pair of RCA or XLR interconnects. They will be built with the DHC Chaperone interconnect archetype (in terms of outer protection of the internal core. The internal core is completely novel and not like anything we have ever built before. Wire used is the DHC "Peptide" cryo OCC copper type 2 litz wire, arguably one of the best wires ever employed by DHC, and the only one suitable for this interconnect design. Once you win the contest we can discuss specifics. If these are not useful to you then a different prize can be chosen, if you are the grand prize winner.

List of available prizes!
Winners in order of closeness to the winning numbers will get to pick their prizes one after the other from the remaining prizes.

The "Goliath"
Bigger is better. Besides providing more current to the LCD2 than probably any other cable ever made, you could strangle a zombie or two with this one... this is a deranged 16 wire Peptide OCC copper litz Audez'e Cable. Adapters can be provided at a reasonable cost. Reterminations not available.

"Infected" mini interconnect
Did you miss this one from last year? It's back, but with a corrupted Kumihimo braid of DHC Peptide OCC copper litz. Arguably one of the most menacing braids I've ever come across.

"Narcissus" IEM cable
Many will perish staring at this cable. It has to be one of the shiniest things we've ever crafted, and magpies are going to crash into your window trying to get to it. A hybrid of four wires of 26awg Teflon silver plated OCC copper and 24awg Teflon OCC copper. For JH/UE/Westone and other compatible IEMs. IEMs not included.

"Gremlin" IEM cable
Too small for its own good? Where's the third and fourth wires? Using the wonders of litz technology, this one is possible. Smaller than some stock cables! Don't feed it after dark.

"Legion" IEM cable
That's a lot of wires. Did we go too far in the other direction? This one is providing more than 20awg of surface area for each polarity, and will make even the most elaborate multi-driver IEMs beg for mercy. Very "comfortable."

"Baphomet" IEM cable
Those earpiece wires, something's not quite right about them. In any case, the Macromolecule isn't just for fullsize headphones anymore. Eight cryo treated "Nucleotide" 24awg OCC copper wires - four clear, four black - in a spooky pattern. For JH/UE/Westone.