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New cable orders ship in about 8-12 weeks. We have moved to a larger location with additional production capacity and will be speeding things up going into February.
DIY orders ship within a few days and Astell & Kern orders ship ASAP based on stock availability, which is replenished weekly.

DHC will be providing international product guides:
คู่มือสินค้า Double Helix Cables ประจำปี 2014

Complement2, Metagenome2 and more under review by Mike Mercer at Audio360!
PFO review with Mike Mercer also coming soon!

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Monthly Specials For March

DHC High-Performance Adhesive
DHC High-Performance Adhesive
$4.00  $3.00
Save: 25% off
DHC "Spore M" Modular Headphone System
DHC "Spore M" Modular Headphone System
$15,000.00  $12,000.00
Save: 20% off