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All about Y-Splitters






All about Y-Splits

This page is dedicated to explaining & showing off DHC's assortment of Y-splits.  What is a Y-Split or splitter?  Simply put, it's a little metal tube or other shape with one hole in the back and two holes in the front that covers the point where most headphone cables split from one cable (the lower part) to the two pairs of wires going to the earcups/earpieces.  Y-splits are purely decorative and are just there to protect this junction on the cable and look great while doing it.  

We have many y-splits made from various metals and carbon fiber variants.  The alternative is to simply put a DHC logo heatshrink tube on the y-split instead of a metal decoration - this is the most compact way of doing it, but the least aesthetic.  Many of our y-split offerings are incredibly small & light, and make the use of heatshrink obsolete.

Y-Split Choices:

DHC Capsid V2:
DHC's standard for y-splitters - made from beadblast aluminum & black carbon fiber with a 2.8 gram weight and 11mm diameter.  Available in silver or black aluminum.  Great for 4 or 8 wire cables.


DHC custom 3D-printed Y-Splitters:  
For a premium price, DHC designs & commissions 3D-printed y-splitters, typically made out of cast sterling silver made from a 3D-printed ceramic mold.  These parts are jewelry-grade and there are countless designs from which to choose.  Our "helix" splitter is the favorite - others have included a carbon fiber pattern, a honeycomb pattern, or a atomic orbits motif.  

Eidolic E-SX1 and E-SX2:
Eidolic's masterwork, with chamfer polished edges and sandblasted silver aluminum & silver fiber trim.  Also available with gold aluminum & black carbon fiber.  New black aluminum/silver fiber model coming soon.  12mm diameter and ideal for 8-wire cables.

Eidolic E-SX3:
An incredibly tiny splitter, with the first known use of rose gold plated aluminum, complemented by silver fiber.  Just 1.8 grams and 10mm diameter.  Only for 4-wire cables.  

Eidolic E-SX4:
In the popular 10mm format for 4-wire cables, this splitter is our lightest model, at only 1.6 grams it is similar in weight to a few pieces of heatshrink.  Features silver sandblast aluminum and a special carbon fiber that is tinted blue - it looks black in low light, and a deep blue in direct light.

Eidolic E-SXT:
Made by an accomplished USA artisan, this tiny 10mm splitter is machined from titanium with a pattern of rings engraved onto the surface.  Works great with 4 or 8-wire cables.  Each one is made by hand - our premium offering.