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Guide to Connector Choices - Headphone End

Guide to Connector Choices - Headphone End

This guide will help decrypt the various choices for the headphone end of the cable.  We use Eidolic connectors wherever possible.  We can separate this list into IEM cables, cables for single sided headphones (these plug into one earcup only), and cables for dual-entry headphones (these cables have plugs for the left & right earcups). 


2-pin (0.78mm) CIEM Connector:
This connector fits the vast majority of custom in-ear monitors, with the exception of the deep-socket silicone Spiral Ears, UE TF10, or any other irregular IEMs.  Extruded, recessed, angled, or other unusual sockets work just fine with the Eidolic 2 pin connector.  This plug is used with JH, UE, old Westones, Noble, Unique Melody, 64 Audio, Audeze iSine, and more.  The 2 pin plug has a dot on one side (looking at the grooved side, the dot is on the left on the left plug, on the right for the right plug) that indicates the positive pin side, and when inserted properly and worn, this dot faces up at the ceiling.  

MMCX Connector:
This plug fits Shure, new Westone, Campfire Audio, and other IEMs with the round snap connector type.  These plugs click-lock and freely rotate for a comfortable fit.

These IEMs use a 2 prong plug similar to Sennheiser HD650, but it is set up to fit conveniently on your Fitear IEMs.  Fits all Fitear products with removable cables.

Single Sided Headphone

3-pin mini XLR:
(AKG K-series: K702, K7XX, K712 and others) - fits most headphones with a single 3 pin mini XLR on the earcup.  This may include your AKGs, some Pioneer headphones, and others.  

AKG K812 and K872 (3 pin LEMO 00):  
A high end, professional locking plug that fits only these two headphones.

HD598/Momentum Connector:
A 3-contact (TRS) 2.5mm plug with a "bayonet style" twist-lock mechanism.  Fits several different headphones, including some Ultrasones.  

Eidolic single Universal 3.5mm:
This connector has a long, narrow extension on the end to fit into deep sockets, including Beats, Focal, V-Moda -- practically any headphone with a single 3.5mm jack on the earcup.  

Dual-Entry Headphone

2.5mm Eidolic mono plug:
These multi-purpose plugs fit the majority of today's headphones with small 2.5mm jacks on the earcups - including Hifiman HE1000, Edition X, HE400S, HE560, and any other new Hifimans with jacks on each earcup.  They also are engineered to fit Oppo PM-1 and PM-2, Sennheiser HD700, and Audioquest Nighthawk.  As new headphone come out, it is likely that they will fit too.  

3.5mm Eidolic universal plug:
The long extension on the end ensures this plug fits a vast selection of headphones include the new Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Generation and T5P (and the Astell & Kern versions of these headphones) as well as Sony MDR-Z7, Focal Elear, Denon Music Maniac series (D600 and D7100), Final Audio Pandora series, Velodyne vTrue, Mcintosh MHP2000, and more.  These have huge backwards and forwards compatibility, covering many existing headphones and many potential headphones.

HD800 connector:
This tiny 2 pin plug fits Sennheiser HD800 and HD800S but will also fit the Enigmacoustics Dharma.  We offer a custom Eidolic connector for this plug type with a smooth cylindrical barrel and laser-engraved logo.

Focal Utopia (LEMO OB 2-pin Connector:

Resembling a larger HD800 connector, this professional standard fits only the Focal Utopia (for now) and is a flawless Swiss-made plug.  

Old Hifiman (SMC female connector):
The original Hifiman headphones -- HE400, HE-5, HE-5LE, and HE-6 -- used a gold screw-on SMC connector.  We still offer cables for these headphones, although this plug is not as effortless to plug in as the new 2.5mm standard Hifiman has adopted.  

Sennheiser HD650/HD600:

Uses a 2-prong connector with a plastic body and rhodium plated brass pins.  The new Fostex TH-900 employs this connector, but with some extra molding to help it lock, making it incompatible with our cables, for now.  

Audeze 4-pin female mini XLR:
The standard connector of the Audeze LCD series, as well as ZMF and Kennerton.   We offer an awesome Eidolic connector with rhodium-plated contacts, black aluminum barrel, and red-tinted carbon fiber.  With a push-button lock and sturdy housing this plug is very reliable.  

JPS Labs Abyss 3-pin female mini XLR:
Used only for Abyss AB1266.  Very similar to Audeze's plug, but with 3 pins instead of 4.

Audeze Zync:
A proprietary connector used only for EL-8 series headphones.  It is double sided with magnetic latching and 4 contacts on each side.  We use a 3D-printed housing to securely protect the body of this jack.   

Audeze Sine:
An extremely slim 3.5mm mono plug is required for this headphone - luckily for Sine fans, we found a suitable one.  This plug type will also fit most dual 3.5mm headphones.

Mrspeakers 4 pin plug - for Ether, Ether C, and Alpha Dogs:
A 4 pin plug made by Evalucon, with a locking spring collar.  A very secure fit and easy to plug in, but works only with MrSpeakers products.  

MMCX for Ultrasone Romeo/Juliet/Edition 5:
Certain Ultrasone headphones use this IEM-style plug, so we support it with our Eidolic MMCX connectors.