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DHC Employee Roster


DHC is founded, owned, and operated by Peter Bradstock since 2009.  Peter is a lifelong audio enthusiast who turned a bit of tinkering with his headphones into his full-time occupation.  

Peter's wife, Jennifer Bradstock, serves as CFO and assists in all aspects of the business to keep things running smoothly.



-- FAQ --

Q: How do I cancel an order?  Once an order is placed, we allow 48 hours to change your mind, at which point the order can be converted to store credit only.  Once construction starts on the cable the order most likely cannot be changed, depending on our discretion.  

Q: Why should I buy from you in the first place? A: We will make you exactly what you want and we are honest about which materials we use and why we use them as everything in our cables is there for a reason. It is a popular tactic nowadays to generate excitement about a product on the basis of withholding information and letting the customer's imagination run wild as to what might be inside the cable, but it goes against what we believe in - that the truth of what goes into our cables is more interesting than any fictitious qualities we could attribute to our products. We are very active in communicating with you so that there is no uncertainty during the buying and ownership process. We value good sound and aesthetics equally, having a "nice" cable is as much a part of the ownership experience as enjoying the newfound sound quality.

Q: Can I call you on the phone? A: If absolutely necessary, then email me about this. Much as we'd like to talk cables with you, our soldering iron gets lonely when we ignore it.

Q: When's my stuff coming? A: When it's done. We keep production limited to a couple cable builds per day to make sure we're at the top of our game and have plenty of time to test the cables out in our reference setup to see they are to our liking. We don't run a cable sweatshop, at least not yet. Usually when you order we can give you an estimate for shipping based on your position in line.

Q: Why isn't my International Priority mail package trackable? A: Because this is not a trackable shipping method. In future, it is best to choose USPS Express (EMS).

Q: Can I get my money back? A:  All of these cables are custom built so all sales are final.

Q: Why do your cables cost what they do? Can I get a discount? A: Building cables requires a lot of specialized tools and materials, overheads, state and federal taxes...and a lot of time and care. You won't find a nice OCC copper cable with this level of customization and personal service anywhere else.  While we don't give discounts per se, we do frequent promotions and other freebies so watch the top of the main store page.

Q: Are your cables flexible/compact? A: It doesn't get any more small and flexible than my "Molecule" headphone line. We use a special braiding technique, practical sleeving choices, and one of the most soft and flexible wires in the business.

Q: Can you upgrade my cable later (for example, what if a more high-end XLR comes out in the future and you want it installed)? A: Of course, just mail the cable back, and cover parts and return shipping.

Q: How "obvious" is the switch when you install a DHC headphone cable? A: Even with an old man's hearing or low end gear, it is easy to tell. The cable is removing the damage done to the signal by the stock cable. Because the wire is so neutral (pure OCC copper) it will not add or detract from specific frequencies of the sound; it will not take badly recorded music and change its qualities or compensate for poor gear. It will deliver a faithful representation of the music with warmth, depth, clarity, impact, and pure musicality. Try the cable for a week, then go back to stock and be horrified...

Q: I've got an idea for a cable or a question about DIY, can I run it by you? A: You can have all the free advice that you'd like. We are also willing to design a cable that is different from existing offerings that incorporates whatever you might need or are looking for; we do this all the time and it's nothing new to us.

Q: Do you offer Cable X, Y, or Z? A: If we can build it, you can order it. There aren't real many exceptions. If you want a hardwire recable (Grado, Beyers, Audio Technica, Denon) you will be pleased to know that this is now an option on our Molecule cable, just pick the appropriate option for headphone type - for mail-in hardwire or we can set up the cable so you can easily solder it yourself to your headphones.

Q: What about IEM cables?  We now offer cables for most IEMs.  Some have such strange connectors that it would cost a fortune to get custom molds made, but the most popular IEMs are now represented.

Q: How should I care for my cable? A: Keep it away from sources of heat and moisture (don't leave it against a super hot aluminum panel, for example), don't rub it against abrasive things, do not kink it sharply (although it can handle it) or yank on the cable itself to disconnect it (firmly grasp the connector itself to disconnect it).


***TESTIMONIALS*** - These are all cut and pasted from emails and headfi threads.

Headfi thread 1 - If you've got your new DHC cable and have tested it out, post all your reviews here!

Headfi thread 2

Headfi thread 3

Impressions on the Silver Complement for LCD2:

"I finally received my replacement LCD-2 last week. I sent the first one back because it had a real noticeable deadzone for low volume details, so it didn't sound sweet at all. I was finally convinced when I compared it directly to a friend's unit. The new one has a much thinner threshold zone and is much sweeter to listen to. And now the solid silver Double Helix makes it sound better, instead of worse.  In fact, of the three cables I have tried, it is clearly the best, producing the most low level detail and the sweetest texture. "

Silver Complement LCD2 with HD800 Triple Threat adapters:

"The LCD-mini Xlr to HD800 adapter arrived, and it made the HD800 sound better than ever before. Thank you!"

iPodPJ on Head-fi gives his impressions of my Complement HD800 cable:

I just received a loaner cable from Peter at Double Helix Cables. It's his flagship Complement cable, and his personal one as well. It is by far the best HD800 cable I've tried; best headphone cable I've tried. I've been listening to it for most of the evening. The channel separation and soundstage are larger than life. Both channels are completely separate cables, and I feel that is the main reason it performs so well. It uses very good wire, too. I will be having him make me one shortly. It's brought new life to the Phoenix. (Peter also has a Phoenix, HD800, and the DAC that came before the Ref1 (I forget which model) so I'm sure that is one reason this cable pairs so well with them.)

Just thought I'd mention that since I'm enjoying this amp once again.

"If I die, I will be buried with your cable."

- Dan

"I have just received the cable. I must say it is very well built, feels very solid. Right now i'm listening to some of my favourite songs with this cable on my HD800 and i'm very happy with this combo. Everything is much more musical with fuller body compared to what i have from the stock HD800 cable. I hope i will have more time to listen to music this week end and maybe a short impression on Head-fi a bit later. Thank you again for the great cable and especially for the super fast shipment. I sure will deal with you again in future...

-- anh

"I am finally done with my initial testing of the Double Helix vs. stock 650 cables. I tested them on my iPhone 3G, lossless > ALO Cryo SXC > p-51 > Double Helix 650 cable. I also tested the cables on a more powerful home amp, an Arcam. Results using the Arcam were more pronounced than with the P-51. Tests were run after over 100 hours clocked on each cable. The stock cable was better after 100 hours than when new, as was the Double Helix. The results showed, to my ears, that the Double Helix cable was the winner. The reasons are simple:

1) Stock cable sounded constricted compared to the Double Helix. It was harder to distinguish separate sounds, instruments and voices on the stock cable vs. the Double Helix cable.
2) In addition to the ability to hear sounds, instruments and voices more clearly, the entire soundstage was much larger and more alive with the Double Helix.
3) Voices with the stock cable seemed flat, almost recessed into the back of my head. With the Double Helix cable the voices moved forward and had way more space (air) around them.
4) Bass with the stock cable was pretty ample but lacked definition and clarity displayed when the same cuts were played using the Double Helix cable.
5) High end was also clearer but not harsh.
6) Overall I found the sound of the Double Helix cable to be smoother, clearer and more musical sounding than the stock cable.

I am sorry that I haven't had the pleasure of comparing the Double Helix cable to the other fine options out there. The Double Helix is a very worthwhile upgrade compared with the stock cable. Peter at Double Helix does some solid job building his cables and takes the time to let you design all aspects. He is helpful and communicates well throughout the process. The bottom line for me is that the stock cable is packed up and in a drawer while the Double Helix cable is connected to the 650's. If anybody has any questions or comments I am "all ears"."


"After listening to Peter's (Double Helix) cable it is amazing that the headphone manufacturers go through the process of making a good headphone only to supply what seems like average cable with it! My cable is so open and accurate it sends a tingle down my spine listening to this at times, the soundstaging is nothing like i have heard before with strings have a resonance to it that sound like it is live from even from a studio recording and vocals i can hear the smallest details in sound down to even them breathing in and the natural sounds of saliva in their mouth on some artist which i have never heard before not even on my 10k home hi-fi setup! Drums are again so life like in the different range of bass it goes through down to a nice realistic bass rumble in the background rather than a thudding bass i have heard on some phones with the same track's. Over all the tonal balance is superb and it is an open, neutral and analytical sound which is my bag anyhow, but i have to say compared to the stock cable that came with my AKG's it was worth every penny to upgrade. Which brings me to Peter, the messiah for me of how customer support should be in reality (if only big companies adopted this policy like Peter does!). I had the choice to have the cable how i wanted and he talked me through every step with various options on what material to have cable wise for sound which did not take too long really, the long process was how to pimp the aesthetic side of the cable to how one wants their cable to look, which after a thousand emails back and forth and the patience of a saint from the creator Peter I finally decided on a look and the type of materials to use to sleeve the cable. What I liked about Peter's approach was he would always reply the same day 99% of the time and a lot of them within the hour! and would always email photos to how this or that may possibly look like to help me decide."

- John B

"I got my DT990/600 headphone cable from Double Helix and so far it's been great. The cables are definitely a lot nicer than the stock and gives me a more enjoyable experience with them. I highly recommend getting a new cable not only to improve your sound but also to give your cables a sexy makeover. And the prices are priced fairly so it doesn't feel like you're being ripped off. Overall a very honest and involved dealer."

-- Ben

"Just received my HD650 cable, totally agree with previous posters, veil now gone and way more clarity and crispness, gotta say Peter replies almost instantly to any questions via email, would recommend him and his workmanship.


"Bought an HD650 cable from Peter. Made a huge difference in my current set-up. The detail is enhanced in both the highs and lows. Fast shipping, pleasure to deal with and the cables look gorgeous. I wouldn't hesitate to order another cable from him again."

- tetrislol

"I've been away from home and haven't been able to let you know
how much I love the cable. I now have a new and better set of phones, thanks to you!
A much cleaner, richer and better balanced sound that has me listening until the wee,
small hours... much to my wife's chagrin... bass is tighter, overtones extend up into infinity....
Thank you! You are a true artist!"

- John F

"As for your K702 cable, it sounds very tight, punchy, fast paced and the amount of detail that can be heard and the realistic tonal qualities of the insttruments is uncanny. It also is so spacious & accurate with the soundstaging and it sounds like it is doing it with ease as it is very fluid in delivering the sound. As for people that have been saying the 702's do not have enough bass, baffles me as maybe it is true in comparison with say the HD650's which you will know, might be palatable, but people have actually stated it lacks bass? but i am not finding that with your cable and think even though the 702 might not be the most punchiest or heavy bass i have ever heard it is a realistic understated bass going on that only really rumbles on the low ends when needed to mirroring the artist recordings very well. Thanks Peter for everything you have done so far, customer service has been second to none and it has been very pleasurable to deal with a genuine nice guy as yourself along the way as well as getting a top product (custom made, a very rare thing that happens to me!) at the same time which i thoroughly enjoy every day ......... : )"

- John B

"Things are sounding better by the hour. Already, much beyond anything experienced with the Cardas Cable. It's hard to quantify differences, especially since I have no real audio critiqueing vocabulary. But here a few nouns that seem very apt so far ...Breadth, Articulation, Clarity, Sparkle, Precision, Impact, Extension, Musicality. Last evening, some female vocals (Jennifer Warren) seemed a bit subdued, though very clear and sweet. Today they have a bit more presence in the mix. I trust this trend of gradual extra projection of the female vocal range (1.5-3K hz, i'd guess) will continue for a bit. I hope so. But I don't want it become pronounced. I am so delighted. Excited, actually! If my pleasure persists unabated this will go down as just about THE most immediately rewarding investment I've ever made in high-end hi--fi ... and probably the finest value I've ever obtained.

- Noel N

"Well I just got my aftermarket Double Helix Cable and I can say that it makes a perceivable difference in the nature of the sound. For me it seems fairly night and day. Things just sound faster. The highs have more presence to be sure and the bass is a bit more impactful. When I say the highs have more presence I dont mean the very tip top of the highs, more the 7-14kHz range maybe. The speed and the highs are where the real differences are though. The HD650 "veil" is something that can only be recognized by its absence, and its absence is profound."

-- dBs

"When I first installed the cable it sounded quite a bit better than stock, but still kind of muffled in the mids. Then I listened for a few hours yesterday and it really began to open up noticeably during that session. More extended highs, better defined bass, and much more transparent in the mids... As far as I'm concerned, I don't need to be shopping for any more cables for my HD-650s."

-- Jim

He is a very nice person to work with! I ordered a nice interconnect from him, very beautiful! Really recommended if you are looking for custom cables. He will help you with your choice!

-- Pagail118

Just want to let you know that the cable arrived and it sounds as nice as it looks. I'm not quite sure about the break-in stuffs but it sounds good since the moment i plugged it in. I can tell you that the sound is:

1. More focused (can better single out the instruments)
2. Has more overtones and sustain (snare drums and chimes)
3. Refined midrange (more bite in violins)
4. Clearer vocals
5. Tighter bass (more distinct bass notes without loss in bass slams)

In the end, I consider this a significant upgrade from my previous cable. My wife also noted the difference. Since her ears are more tuned to expensive gear (we've visited few high-end stores before), her confirmation that your cable makes a huge positive difference proves that I'm still sane.

You will be recommended to my friends.

-- Amri

"Transaction went smoothly with fantastic customer service, i would happily buy from him again. great work, thanks!"

-- Darek