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DHC Molecule SE22 Headphone Cable - ultimate OCC copper litz

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Molecule SE22
Our newest cable.  
Our best portable OCC copper litz. 

Pure OCC copper litz "Elite 22 Copper"

Molecule SE22 is the cable to own for copper enthusiasts.  While we will refrain from defining it in terms of its peers, know that it is a delight to own, hold, and experience.  Terrific bass performance with all headphones is paired with airy transparency.  SE22 features an all-new litz wire that draws from our home flagship designs, yielding performance that will shock and surprise you, in a travel-friendly package that demands to be seen.  

The Molecule SE comes out on top in this review:,_Effect_Audio_Thor_Copper_and_Nocturnal_Audio_Hydra.html

Headphones & terminations:
Available for most headphones with detachable cables, and most terminations.  We use the best Eidolic connectors wherever possible.  For the few headphones not covered by Molecule SE22, opt for Molecule Elite.  

SE22 is based on our Copper Complement4 flagship - the advanced design that started it all.  Fourteen groups of OCC copper litz strands are tightly wrapped around our conductive core - a DHC design that started with Complement3 - for an ample 22awg wire.  
This design greatly reduces skin effect as each strand is kept close to the surface as the bundles twist 360 degrees, equalizing impedance throughout the wire from end to end.  Each tiny strand of OCC copper is coated in an invisible, razor-thin enamel layer which prevents oxidation and cross-talk between strands, eliminating diodic junctions and their resulting propensity for energy storage.  
With SE22, we take our damping core type 4 model to another level by using a proprietary, resistive semiconductor material which diffuses any internal static buildup, while also damping mechanical vibrations due to its flexible consistency.
SE22 remains highly compact, no larger than our first Molecule SE launched in 2012, as it eschews the additional damping and shielding layers of the Complement4 design in favor of clear PE insulation, while retaining the heart of the Complement4 design.   

We offer this cable "naked" for maximum portability, and it is durable enough to resist harsh usage conditions.

SE22 is available with Eidolic E-SX1/SX2/SX5 splitters as well as various compact sterling silver 3D-printed designs.





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