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Bellatone Audio Reference Power Cord

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The Bellatone Audio Reference Power Cord
DHC is proud to begin carrying the Bellatone series of audio cables, beginning with the Bellatone power cords.  Bellatone Audio, known for its Beta Twenty Two headphone amplifier, was created to satisfy a need for no-nonsense, beautifully crafted, and above all neutral cables to go with the most revealing audio systems.  These cords are exactingly hand-built to frighteningly precise specifications for an heirloom-quality cable that will provide reliable power for years to come, while giving your components the advantage of drawing unfettered, untainted power.  They have all been built with trusted technologies and safety in mind, but tuned by ear during the exhaustive development process to avoid a cable that is simply built "by the numbers." We believe these products are the best money can buy and can give any competing product a run for its money - and DHC is happy to say that Bellatone power cords are in place in our reference cable development headphone system...  
The Reference Series by Bellatone
Perfection.  Redefined.
Approximately 2 years ago we set a very challenging goal: to create the ultimate series of extreme fidelity cabling.  It was to be a series unlike any other ever heard, seen – experienced.  No expense was spared in this endeavor, and no time limit was specified.  Working day and night around the clock, we would not stop until this pursuit was realized.  At long last, we present to you this remarkable achievement, the Reference Series by Bellatone.
In order to create the perfect cabling we had to ensure that our entire Reference Series product line, from interconnects to power cords, would provide the same benefit on all systems.  The only way to do that was to tirelessly troubleshoot the plaguing issues many high-end audio systems suffer from.  What we found in many cases was that other manufacturers' cabling was actually creating the issues the listener had been trying to address by replacing other areas of their system.  After swapping out their entire set of cables and power cords with the Bellatone Reference Series, all the issues vanished and their very expensive hi-Fi systems now produced a sound that was, to them, revelatory.
A vast majority of music lovers and audiophiles alike who have spent small fortunes trying to achieve live, natural sound in their homes have unfortunately never heard transparent and true, extreme fidelity.  We know this not only because we've heard many of these systems firsthand but also from the common complaints we hear time and time again from people who are trying to remedy them.  They see no reason why they should have to live with a lack of precise focus and soundstage, accurate imaging, shrill highs, muddled and incoherent lows or an unnatural tonality...and neither do we.
During development of the Reference Series we came to the realization that cables can contribute many of the same problems caused by poor clock circuitry.  Phase distortion in an oscillator circuit can cause many or all of the issues mentioned above.  Impedance mismatch between wire and connectors, or between the cable and components can also cause symptoms of phase distortion.  The usual suspects – resistance, capacitance, and inductance also come into play.  Since "conventional" Hi-Fi cabling can introduce some or all of these problems, we had to find a way to overcome it.  We had to create cabling that didn't act like cabling at all.
The solution is what we call Galactic Geometry.  It is the perfect synergy of wire types and gauge, dielectric, shield, damping scheme, twist-rate and plugs.  It is a one-of-a-kind, extremely unique geometry that not only resembles the shape of a spiral galaxy when viewing the cross section head on, but will improve your experience of sonic fidelity by galactic proportions.
The most amazing feat of our unique geometry is that it works equally as well on power cords as it does interconnects and all other cables!  For our Reference Series power cord we use four times as much wire to ensure the least resistance to your high current needs, and we call this Galactic+ Geometry.
At Bellatone, we take serious pride in our work and the aesthetic value of audio components and cabling.  In fact, we delicately handcraft our cabling with precise measurements down to 1/64" and spend more time on assembly and attention to detail than any other cable manufacturer we know of.  We use only the highest quality parts made in conflict-free regions such as the U.S.A., Europe, and Japan.  As a good steward of the environment, the only cotton you'll find inside our cabling is naturally unbleached and organic.  We also donate a percent of proceeds to charities and other positive foundations that benefit the earth and its inhabitants.  All of our products are meticulously handcrafted to order in the U.S.A.
Order today and experience the Bellatone Reference Series for yourself.
The Reference is available in a variety of lengths from 1.0 to 3.0 meters. The flagship Furutech FI-50 carbon fiber/rhodium AC plugs are available as an upgrade option.
Disclaimers and warranty information:
Bellatone Audio is the servicer and guarantor of any Bellatone products sold through the dealer, Double Helix Cables.
WARRANTY INFORMATION:  All Bellatone products come with a 2 year limited warranty covering workmanship and functionality under normal usage conditions.  Damage caused by pets, mistreatment, carelessness, acts of god, high levels of humidity, or excess voltage/amps outside of specified range are not covered.   RCA, BNC, XLR, and Headphone Cables should never exceed industry standard voltage ratings, up to a maximum of 500mA of current.  Power cords should never exceed 120V @ 10A, or 240V @ 5A.  XLR connectors typically have a 500-1000 cycle mating maximum.  RCA connectors typically have a 250-500 cycle mating maximum.  BNC connectors typically have a 100-200 cycle mating maximum.  Power cord connectors and their plating should be treated with care and inserted/removed as little as possible to maintain maximum plating integrity.  Rhodium plated connectors should be inserted/removed as little as possible to maintain maximum plating integrity.  However, power cord insertion/remove cycles typically have a maximum of 250-500 depending on the alloy.  More wear will occur on the female receptacles than the males when it comes to power cords.  Bellatone technicians are able to tell approximately how many cycles have been mated by examining the connector, at which point we will evaluate the warranty validity.  If there is a fault with the cable or cord that occurs within the first 30 days, Bellatone will reimburse you for the shipping to us and pay for return shipping, provided we discuss the method of shipment back to Bellatone before you ship product(s).  If there is a fault that occurs between 30 days and 6 months, Bellatone will pay for return shipping only.  Customer must pay for shipping both ways if repair is needed from the period of 6 months to 2 years after purchase.  If you have placed excess wear on a part of the cable that needs to be replaced and falls outside the warranty policy, you will be charged for the repair after a Bellatone representative has notified you of the costs associated and you have authorized the repair.  All Furutech products are limited to a 1 year warranty, and only under normal wear and tear conditions.  Any tampering with or disassembling Bellatone or Furutech products will result in the immediate void of your cable(s) and/or power cord(s) warranty.

AUTHENTICITY:  Each Bellatone headphone amplifier is marked with a unique serial number matched to our records, and comes with a certificate of authenticity hand signed for quality control by the CEO.  Each Bellatone cable or power cord comes with a removable hang tag attached to the cable that is also a certificate of authenticity with the unique serial number of the product, and is hand signed for quality control by the CEO.  The serial number is discretely placed within the cable or power cord so only Bellatone knows how to identify it to guarantee its authenticity.

LIABILITY INSURANCE:  Bellatone carries $1,000,000 in liability insurance per incident (up to 2 annually) which covers you in the event of a catastrophic loss to your property or person
in the event our products have been lab tested and found to be at fault.

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