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Symbiote Elite OCC Silver Litz IEM Cable for JH Sirens Series

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Symbiote Elite IEM Cable for Sirens Series:
JH Roxanne/Layla/Angie/Rosie/New JH13v2
6-wire Fusion or 8-wire Silver Peptide OCC Litz


We are finally offering a Sirens Series (JH 4 pin) cable for retail sale, on our terms, with a unique design that has been slowly refined since the release of the first Roxanne IEMs.  Our original concept features the same ergonomics as our CIEM Symbiote cables, with the best possible materials and minimalism wherever possible.


In early October we will have the all-new Eidolic JH Sirens Series connectors in stock.  These are custom designed from the bottom up with all beadblast aluminum barrel & nut, white Eidolic logo, ultra high strength insulator, and gold-plated phosphor bronze contacts.  These are light-years ahead of any other Sirens Series connector in build quality and are standard on all new and backordered Sirens series cable orders.

No more adjustable bass controls.  The 4-pin JH standard uses over-tuned bass combined with selectable bass attenuation (a resistor or volume control) to control the bass "boost."   With DHC, audiophile-grade resistors are hidden inside the termination plugs.  This design is our creation and sets the bass level using single, non-moving, precise part that is exactly matched between left and right channels and will never wear out or break.  The bass is set to an optimal 50% (50 ohms) setting, comparable to "12 o'clock" on the stock cable.  We can accomodate requests for more or less bass but 50% sounds best to our ears (25%, 75%, 100% bass also available - leave a note during checkout).

Modular bass control system available.  We have developed an exclusive six-wire SP OCC silver litz modular configuration that allows the bass resistors to be swapped at will.  We consider the 8-wire silver model the ultimate for minimalism & sound quality, but the 6-wire modular model makes minor compromises while allowing control of the bass.  This is ideal for if you have two or more bass preferences that you would like to choose from - and this package includes two bass adapters.  This cable comes terminated in a six pin male mini XLR, with the choice of 4-wire short-length or Ultrashort bass control adapters.  Ultrashort is ideal for ultimate home listening while the 4-wire adapters are great for use on-the-go, minimizing bulk around the DAP jack.  

Choose 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% bass levels for your adapters - just let us know in the order comments for the two bass levels and whether you want Ultrashort adapters vs. ones with a few inches of length.

(pictured is our first Fusion modular prototype, but we chose silver for the retail modular cable)

DHC's best wire. Our "Silver Peptide" (SP) OCC silver type 4 litz wire is the most conductive, highest performing litz wire on the market.  It has no downsides or drawbacks other than cost - it is a more detailed, transparent, revealing version of OCC copper litz.  It will never oxidize or degrade due to the invisible litz enamel on each strand, and is internally damped by a pure cotton core at its center.  This wire is extremely compact and flexible, and will not weigh you down or make its presence felt.  This no-compromise 8-wire design offers the best possible sound for Sirens series.

We also offer a more economical 6-wire Fusion design with a large measure of the 8-wire flagship's performance in a very compact package.  Our beloved Fusion wire is one of DHC's world firsts and combines OCC silver and OCC copper individual strand bundles for a "true hybrid" design.

DHC does not use alloys or add gold to its wire, as these impurities reduce conductivity.  Adding just 1% gold to wire reduces conductivity by more than 15%, and defeats the purpose of using high purity silver or copper.  We also do not gold-plate wires, as gold is less conductive than silver and slows down frequencies traveling near the wire's surface.  

Eidolic connectors. The top-performing, best-looking 3.5mm and 2.5mm plugs money can buy - their quality has never been equalled or surpassed.  The pure aluminum, beadblast-finish IEM plug barrels from our other Symbiote IEM cables are a perfect fit for the JH Roxanne/Layla/Angie connector piece.  

Y-split greatness. The y-split -- the point where the cable splits off to left and right earpieces - is DHC's chance to perfect the cable's appearance.  Our ultra-compact "Capsid" V2 y-splitters are tiny cylinders of CNC machined, beadblasted aluminum wrapped in real black carbon fiber - and are available in silver or black anodized finishes.  For a truly exclusive cable, pick one of our 3D printed splitters - designed by us and professionally printed in investment-cast, hand-polished metals like sterling silver, pure bronze, or rose gold plated brass.    We have added an exclusive Eidolic splitter featuring silver carbon fiber, fine sandblast finish (similar to iPhone aluminum texture), and chamferred mirror-polished edges - just for Symbiote SP.  

All-new Eidolic Titanium Y-split -- for more information, click here!
This splitter is incredibly light and compact, hand machined, and a complete work of art!

Why are fixed resistors/bass level the only option?
The bass control box is fine for the stock cable, but its parts (Tocos G43 trimpot resistors) are only rated at 100 uses before they reach end of life.  If you use the stock cable to decide which bass level you most prefer, we can get a close match with our fixed resistors.  It follows that one would not change the bass for every song, or else even the stock cable will wear out; even changing it whenever your mood changes would lead to the same result.  Once you know the right setting, it should be consistent over time for that particular music player/amplifier.
Beyond that, it is impossible to set the bass to the exact same level for left/right using the included screwdriver - you have to use a multimeter to check resistance for the cable's left & right connectors to see whether they're configured identically.  With DHC, bass levels are matched.

50% (50 ohm bass) is standard; we also carry resistors for 25% and 75% bass, leave a note in the order comments.


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Capsid V2 (natural silver aluminum + black carbon fiber) y-split


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