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Eidolic 2.5mm 4 pole female jack for Astell & Kern






Eidolic 2.5mm 4-pole female jack
For Astell & Kern and more

For perfect adapter connections, pick the highly reliable, beautiful, and compact Eidolic 2.5mm 4 pole jack.  With durable bronze contact material, a polished metal exterior, high-temperature insulation, and easy-to-solder tabs, flawless adapters are within your grasp.  


From day 1, Eidolic connectors have been designed with transparency in mind - both in sound quality and in their code of ethics.  These connectors will always be sold with the exact materials and alloy types stated clearly - if there is ever a question, it is met with an unclouded answer.  Many connectors sold today are described as “pure copper” or a “copper alloy” when they are actually tellurium copper (a strong, machinable alloy that is within 5% of pure copper’s conductivity and is 99.5% copper) or brass (a “copper alloy” that is generally about 60% copper).  Sometimes the description gets more creative, mentioning “hybrid” compositions and alloys.  The only way to sell connectors without misleading the public is to call each metal what it is - brass, phosphor bronze, tellurium copper, or pure copper.  There are all sorts of plugs for sale around the world described as “OCC pin” or “pure silver connector” or “pure copper connector” that come back as brass every time - and their “rhodium plating” is nickel - a less conductive look-alike.  There are connectors for which a pure copper assembly is simply impossible, being too delicate and impossible to accurately machine with such a soft base metal.  While no factory would take on such a project, pure copper is what is claimed.  For Eidolic, the truth comes first. 


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