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Eidolic E-SXT-001 Titanium Y-Splitter


Eidolic E-SXT-001 Titanium Y-Splitter

Introducing Eidolic’s Titanium Splitter - the ultimate accent for your headphone cable.  

Model 001: Limited run of 100 pieces
Shipping early July
Available at a discounted price on DHC Molecule Elite, Symbiote SP, Symbiote SP for Sirens Series

The Story:

The splitter was created with the help of one of America’s foremost titanium artisans, responsible for countless awe-inspiring projects done entirely by hand in a small machine shop.  There are no CNC automated processes used here, only hand lathing, so just a few can be produced per day.  The result is a true work of art on your cable.


The Materials:

Each splitter starts with a 10mm rod of 6AL-4V titanium alloy.  Through hand lathing, it is carefully hollowed out, a series of tiny rings are machined onto the surface, all sharp edges are radiused until smooth, and the entire y-split is polished to a dark, glowing shine.  The front edge is given the bright chamfer that Eidolic splitters are known for.  


The Finished Product:

This splitter, at 20mm long x 10mm diameter, is the most compact splitter offered by Eidolic.  With 3mm front holes, it will fit a variety of 4 and 8-wire cables.  At just 2.5 grams, it’s also the lightest splitter we know of.  It is one of very few one-piece y-splitters manufactured for headphones and due to the inherent strength of the titanium alloy, is incredibly durable.  It makes a lasting statement on any cable - in fifteen years time when a headphone and its cable are obsolete, just cut the cable off of the splitter and start over with this heirloom-grade piece.

Includes a grommet for the rear opening of the splitter to seal it securely.

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