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DHC "Spore" Silver Custom Interconnects (1 pair)

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Double Helix Cables "Spore" Interconnects
Above all the rest is the Spore, available for RCA and XLR interconnects. 
In nature, one of the most resilient entities is the bacterial spore. When bacteria turn themselves into spores, they are impervious to nearly any force or condition. This cable protects the audio signal from harm with the same ingenuity. 
- The Spore is based around our special type 4 litz OCC silver wire. This application of such a wire results in the most neutral and revealing cable we have ever crafted. There is no metal more conductive than silver, and the continuous casting process by which the wire is drawn prevents any impurities or molecular junctions in the wire. The result is a silver wire with the natural, nonfatiguing qualities of copper, but with incredible speed and dynamics only possible with silver.  The Spore uses a 22awg overall conductive area with proprietary dampening cores inside each litz wire strand to increase refinement and electrical performance.
- The Spore is unlike any other cable in that the positive and negative wires, typically twisted or braided together, are instead physically and electrically isolated throughout the length of the cable. They cannot interact in any way. There are two separate single-wire cables, one for + and one for -, for each channel. Even the most elaborate cable geometry out there still allows close association between signal and return wires, but not with the Spore. 
- Each wire of the Spore interconnect is protected with a never-before-seen dampening and shielding scheme that prevents static buildup, vibration, and electromagnetic interference from other nearby cables and wires or the outside world. Teflon, silk, cotton, custom foil, copper braid, ERS paper, and other materials are used to achieve this goal.  The protection of each wire is comparable to the Silver Complement headphone cable, but with each single wire in its own protective cable, not just each channel's wire pair.  
- The Spore is exclusively terminated with the Vintage Audio Lab carbon fiber trimmed copper/rhodium XLR or RCA.  These are the best plugs on the market regardless of price, with high surface area hollow pins of high-strength tellurium copper (same conductivity as copper - 99.5% copper, but stronger and less prone to oxidation) plated heavily with pure rhodium.  The outside of the connectors is trimmed with rhodium and carbon fiber inlay - beautiful!  Our favorite plug - and the one we personally use.
- Available up to 2m length. Email us for longer lengths.

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