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IN STOCK - Nucleotide Hybrid 24awg silver-plated OCC Copper Wire





In stock now.

Nucleotide Hybrid V3 OCC Silver-Plated Copper

Now more finely stranded, with more flexible insulation.  Third time's the charm.

A stranded 24awg OCC copper hookup wire for all occasions

Ultra-pure Ohno continuous cast process copper - the highest purity copper stock drawn into single crystals for unimpeded signal transfer. The most accurate tests can only show up to four nines, the purity could be up to 7N.  The starting stock is 5N purity, and our tests can determine the purity to 99.99%, but the wire could potentially be more pure - the test does not suggest otherwise.  Each strand is silver plated.  Silver-plated copper has a more spacious, fun sound.  

63 strand wire performs on the level of solid-core wire with no durability issues. The strands are just the right size to not break easily while maintaining extreme flexibility.  This is one of the most finely stranded hookup wires out there.

Dead soft annealed for maximum durability, compliance, & conductivity

24 gauge - the ideal size for interconnects and headphone cables 

1.1mm overall diameter - no bulk, perfect for IEM

Not litz, so you don't need a solder pot

Silky-soft polyethylene insulation - a superior material to PVC or Teflon with none of their hardness or resonance

Fits all headphone and amp plugs with no modification

Works well for speaker, IEM, headphone, interconnects, and recables

Dealers/OEMs, please contact me for more information

Free tech support and consulting, to help you with your DIY project



Sold as single wires by the foot, so for a 4' headphone cable you would need 4 feet x 4 conductors = 16 feet."




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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 30 May, 2016.