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"Triple Threat" Headphone Adapters - 1 cable for all headphones

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DHC "Triple Threat" Headphone Adapters
Use one Molecule, Clone, or Complement cable (with Audeze LCD2 connectors) with LCD-2, HE-6, HD800, and HD650
Universal for balanced or single-ended connections
Got a lot of headphones under one roof?  Then, chances are, you've got cables everywhere. The DHC "Triple Threat" is a series of adapters set up for different headphones that lets you use any Audez'e LCD-2 cable (terminated with 4-pin mini XLRs on the earcup wires, of course) with HE-6, HD800, HD650, or other headphones.  
The adapters come in a set of two and snap onto your LCD-2 terminated cable.  If you already have a different sort of headphone cable, send it in to have LCD-2 plugs (4 pin mini XLR) installed on the earcup wires then you're ready to get a set of Triple Threat adapters.  The adapters consist of male 4 pin mini XLR plugs that attach to the LCD-2 cable, connected with two short runs of DHC's "Nucleotide" stranded OCC copper wire to the HE-6, HD800, or HD650 headphone connector. 

We also offer all of our high-end litz OCC wires as well as an upgrade to a Complementbased fully shielded & dampened cable for these adapters.
You can also get an "LCD-2 to LCD-2" triple threat.  The sole purpose of this is to protect your headphones - by only connecting your headphone to the adapter (and leaving the adapter always plugged in) you can rotate through lots of different cables with your LCD-2s without risk of damaging your headphones' earcup jacks.
There are countless benefits to this design.  We use a long enough length of wire between the connectors to where there is plenty of flexibility around the earcup area, so there is no bulk or strain -- but the adapter is short enough, and the materials of proper quality, to where the adapters have no significant effect on sound quality. This way, the small amount of additional bulk where the adapters attach is well away from your earcups, so you can move around without any problems. 
However, there is a more pressing reason to use these adapters in your system -- the earcup sockets on the HD800 and other headphones have a limited number of insertions (AKA mating cycles) before they wear out.  By using our adapters and keeping them permanently connected to the headphones, the headphone cable detaches from the adapters, not from the headphones themselves (the adapters are plugged in once and stay on their respective headphones). This was a worry for me as I hand-test all of my headphone cables and thus my headphones' earcup sockets see a lot of abuse, and nobody wants their HE-6s to need surgery because they did too much cable swapping.  With these adapters, you can quickly switch and test cables without fear of wearing out your headphones.   You can travel with 1 cable and several pairs of headphones if you want, and de-clutter your listening area, while saving money in the process (for the cost of a couple Molecule cables, you could get one Complement cable to use with our adapters!)
What's more -- we can hard-wire these adapters onto each earcup of headphones like Grados, Beyers, or Denons that do not have removable cables - thereby allowing you to use any LCD-2 cable with these headphones.   
International customers will be responsible for additional shipping costs. 
  • To use these adapters, buy one of our LCD-2 cables to start with, or have us reterminate your existing cable (any brand). Now you have a cable that works natively with LCD-2 and easily connects to 3 or more other headphones via our adapters.
  • Switchcraft 4 pin mini-XLRs connect to your LCD-2 cable
  • Cardas HD650 plugs, Hifiman HE-6 mini-coax gold plugs, or Sennheiser HD800 plugs on the other end connect to your headphones
  • DHC "Nucleotide" OCC copper wire connects it all together
  • Standard length is 6" but custom lengths are available - email us
  • Choice of "naked" (no sleeve) or soft nylon multifilament
  • Lightweight, pocket size, super tough, hyper-flexible, and ready for travel
To order - pick the features (headphone type, sleeving type) and add to cart, then go back to the product page and repeat for any other headphones you want to add for this system.  Price includes set of 2 adapters (for left and right).  If you are having these adapters hard-wired to your headphones then following your order we will send you the address to mail them to.  
New - customize your Triple Threat adapters to use our premium cable lines and most advanced metals!
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