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Black Nucleotide Cryo stranded OCC Copper wire


Black Nucleotide OCC Copper

For now, we will only be offering this wire in black.
We finally did it, and got our Nucleotide OCC copper wire made with transparent black insulation! Same price as clear, same design, but with a black tint to the polyethylene insulation. It has a very striking look in person, as the copper is partially visible. 
Limited edition.  42 strands @ 40 gauge. 24 gauge overall.  Cryogenically treated. Greater than four nines, estimated up to 7N free of metal impurities.  Patent-authorized Ohno continuous casting process.  One crystal per hundred meters.  Dead soft annealed.  1.5 millimeter outer diameter.  Soft and tough polyethylene insulation.  Available in clear or black.  Single wire, by the foot.  Twenty foot minimum.

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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 09 July, 2011.