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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Info:

We ship exclusively using the U.S. Postal Service.

**DHC is not responsible for packages once they leave our premises.  Ordering via mail is a risk that you, the customer, assume when you do business with any postal service.  We are not an insurance agency - in the unlikely event that your package is lost in the mail, we can rebuild it for the cost of parts + shipping and we will waive the cost of labor.  If you would like your package insured, please let us know, so we can adjust your total.  We do not insure most packages as losses are extremely rare and insurance would add 3-5% to the cost of cables.  Purchase of insurance does not guarantee immediate or any reimbursement from the Postal Service, the costs to re-built and re-ship the package apply if you want immediate replacement of the lost items - we will reimburse you if the Postal Service covers your loss.  Events like this are extremely rare as we almost always ship overseas with USPS Express unless otherwise requested**

Domestic orders: $8 Priority Mail (2-3 day) in the USA.

For all international orders:  $60 for Express (3-10 days). Express is the only option as it is secure, trackable, and reliable - and rarely gets stuck in customs.  We apologize for the price increase, but USPS jacked up their rates in 2013 by 30% for international.  If this is a deal-breaker, we can ship with slower methods - just click the shipping downgrade link on the sidebar and add it to cart, which will downgrade your shipping to USPS Priority and save you $20.